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Simplee™ Teeth Whitening Pen - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Teeth Whitening Pen $19.95 $39.95
"The Most Popular Whitening Pen." By using once per day, you can remove coffee or food-related stains, all while on the go! Whitens in under 1 minute Flexible brush tip for hard to reach areas Whiten all teeth or a specific tooth for touch-ups Compact 5” pen fits in any pocket or purse Use 1-2 times per day for best results Professional Whitening Gel The powerful 35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel is equivalent to dentist dispensed whitening gels in terms of ingredient quality and efficacy. The gel uses a careful balance of peroxide and remineralizing ingredients to whiten the surface of the teeth without the harmful side effects or pain.     Ready, Set, Smile! Our pocket-sized Whitening Pen makes it easy for you to take it with you everywhere you go. In only 1 minute, you can whiten your teeth gradually to maintain your smile! FAQ's Benefits: Removes 100% coffee, wine, and other common stains. Discomfort free, without damaging enamel. Quick results. Instant whitening results after the first application. Affordable and cost-saving compared to other known teeth whitening brands. 3-pack - Put one in your handbag, your car, desk at work, etc.. 15 treatments per pen lasting 1 week. (If used 2x/day)   How to Use: Use this pen 1-2 times per day. See visible results after just a few treatments and get 4-8 shades whiter with consecutive use. Each pen consists of 15 treatments. (1-Week) Remove the cap, and hold the pen so the bristles point down. Twist the base until a droplet forms on the tip of the brush. Smile big! Brush the gel onto each visible tooth. Hold your smile for 30 seconds to allow the gel to activate. Rinse after 20 minutes, and you’re all set!   Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, PVM/MA Copolymer, Flavor, Sucralose.
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Simplee™ Anti-Cellulite Leggings - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Anti-Cellulite Leggings $25.95 $6.28
Introducing the Simplee™ Booty Lifting x Anti-Cellulite Leggings. We reinvented our award-winning Booty Lifting leggings with our Smart Anti-Cellulite Fabric© to help smooth and reduce the appearance of cellulite, all while providing your butt the support and shaping it needs to look naturally full and round! LIFT YOUR BOOTY & SHAPE YOUR BODY These high waisted leggings serve as an instant tummy tuck and waist cincher. High waistband designed to prevent slippage and sagging—helping to lift your butt and put it into place, giving it that perfect shape. Our anti-cellulite high waisted leggings are versatile leggings with slimming, push up and a textured design, intended to hide the appearance of cellulite and imperfections. Features an improved silhouette, thanks to the extremely elastic compressed fabric. FIRM COMPRESSION Squat-proof, high-compression, non-transparent material for low to high impact activity. HIDE CELLULITE & OTHER FLAWS The Honeycomb Bubble Textured Fabric will hide any flaws, as it is specifically designed to deceive any skin imperfections. Curved seams are designed for enhanced shape and support. DURABLE & BREATHABLE Heavyweight, breathable and form-fitted. 4-way stretch gives you complete freedom. The Polyamide Microfibres have bio-activated Mineral Crystals integrated to hide & vanish even the most stubborn cellulite. Features: High-stretch fabric is very supportive for maximum confidence Visibly reduces unwanted cellulite on legs Tightens & firms loose skin on thighs Ultra-Compression knitting to reshape & tone silhouette High-waist & thickened woven for midsection & tummy flattening control Ultra-lightweight fabric is sweat-wicking and quick-drying Machine washable Sizing: Please review our sizing guide carefully before choosing your size. Sizing generally runs one size smaller than USA / EU sizing, if you are XS in EU/US, you will fit our S. If you are a USA/EU S, you will fit our M, etc.) We advise to size closest to the minimum value on this chart for the best possible fit Variance in sizing values is due to the minimum and maximum stretch potential in the fabric. Tags: Leggings, Anti-Cellulite, Body Slimming
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Simplee™ Anti-Cellulite Body Slimmer - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Anti-Cellulite Body Slimmer $129.95 $259.99
Our Anti-Cellulite Body Slimmer "The World's Most Effective Slimming Solution!" The Simplee™ Anti-Cellulite Body Slimmer is famous among models to achieve a firm & toned body! Use at the comfort of your own home or travel and way more cost-effective than going to slimming centers and spa clinics! Say bye-bye to flabby arms, flabby tummies, muffin tops, cellulite etc! Using infrared heat to encourage blood flow underneath the outer skin layer, fat deposits are broken down and eliminated by the body. Aches and pains are also reduced because of improved blood circulation. This massager can be enjoyed as either a facial or body infrared tool that targets wrinkles and improves skin texture with constant use. Target problem areas with Ultrasonic Cavitation Remover and see visible results within 2-3 days! Cavitation treatments at local beauty centers can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars for a single session! Why pay so much when you can have as many treatments as you want in the comfort of your own home? The Simplee™ Anti-Cellulite Body Slimmer produces infrared heat to encourage blood flow underneath the outer skin layer. Fat deposits are broken down and eliminated by the body. Aches and pains are also reduced because of improved blood circulation. This fat and cellulite remover slims, tones, and removes cellulite so your skin looks fresh and feels amazing. Yeah, we know, there’s only a million cellulite products out there, and 90% of them are junk. This is one of the 10% that actually does what it says it does. Over 1,000,000 Users Worldwide! Take a peek: Infrared heat. Improving circulation means better nourishment for your skin. The healthier your skin is, the fewer blemishes and wrinkles you get. Fast results. It doesn’t take months or even weeks to see a difference. Start getting results within a few days. Ultrasonic cellulite removal. Don’t just hide cellulite, actually get rid of it. Got stretch marks? Let’s dump those too. Ultrasonic vibrations do both. Electronic muscle stimulation. Never heard of it? It’s basically a way to tighten your facial muscles so you reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Awesome, right? Guess what else? This works on any part of your body. Even your problem areas. Face. Tone up your face so you look thinner and younger. Thighs. We see mini skirts in your future. Butt. Cellulite hides everywhere, but not anymore. Waist. Slim down and fit into your skinny jeans again. Look thinner and younger without exercise or surgery. Add our Anti-Cellulite Body Slimmer to cart now and start targeting problem areas for 30 minutes a day and see visible results within 4-5 days!
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Simplee™ Ionic Straightener - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ Ionic Straightener $49.95 $99.99
 Straighten Frizz In Seconds! The Simplee™ Pro Ionic Straightener gives the frizziest hair a straight, shiny look in seconds using advanced Ionic technology to emit negative ions & neutralize your hair's atoms; eliminating static and frizz. OUR COMPETITOR'S SELL THE SAME MODEL ON AMAZON  😱  FOR $139.99 😱 Straighten Frizz In Seconds! The Simplee™ Pro Ionic Straightener gives the frizziest hair a straight, shiny look in seconds using advanced Ionic technology to emit negative ions & neutralize your hair's atoms; eliminating static and frizz. Allowing you to straighten your hair wet or dry, this is the breakthrough straightener you've been searching for!   Safer Styling, Better Results 90% more frizz control 80% more protection from hair breakage 2x longer-lasting style Advanced ionic technology ensures an effortless and tangle-free styling experience, making it simpler and quicker to straighten yours compared to traditional flat irons or blow-dryers.   Less Breakage,Less Bad Hair Days! Transform your tresses from good to runway-gorgeous in minutes! Whether you want sleekly straight or gently curled, you'll turn heads wherever you go. Tame the Mane! Our tourmaline ceramic hair-polishing plates emit negative ions to counteract the positive ions of dry or damaged hair, leaving your hair luminous and healthy. Key Features: High-quality tourmaline ceramic plates protect hair by emitting negative ions. Heating up evenly and steadily, while reducing damage and increasing health. 4 temperature settings for dry & wet hair allowing you to find the appropriate mode to effectively shape your hair. Auto shut-off 360° swivel cord prevents tangling & keeps you mobile Wide panel with 15-seconds fast heating   Recommended Temperatures: Thick hair: 410-446°F Normal textured hair: 194-410°F Delicate, fine hair: 338-392°F Oil treatments: less than 338℉   Specifications Heating element: Nano ceramic PTC Accepts both 110-120V and 220-240V Power: 60W Temperature regulation: 4 Grade Cable Length: 1.3-1.6m Size:(28-30cm)x4.5cm/11.02''x1.77'' Heating Panel Size: (4.5-4.8)x10cm/1.77''x3.93''
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Simplee™ IPL Laser Hair Remover - Simplee Beautee
Simplee Beautee
Simplee™ IPL Laser Hair Remover $169.95 $86.38
The Simplee™ IPL Handset has been designed to deliver results in 3-4 weeks. The handset also has 5 different power settings to suit your skin-tone or skins sensitivity while still producing results at any level. This much loved little handset has changed the lives of over 75,000 people around the world and it can change your life too! How Does It Work? The IPL laser utilizes clinical-grade technology that is certified for safe and effective at-home hair removal. Light energy from IPL is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which then turns to heat and destroys the hair cells. This causes hair regrowth to slow down significantly after each treatment. With visible results in just 3 weeks, and full results within 12 weeks. Treat Any Body Part (Yes ANY part) in just minutes, all from the comfort of your own home. The IPL Laser comes with 300,000 flashes (enough to last you over 10 YEARS!) and the best part is, there’s absolutely no hidden costs - no need for refills or replacements, ever! Is It Safe? There have been numerous clinical studies conducted that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. Due to this fact, it has become an extremely popular option for safe and effective method of hair removal at home and in clinics. Does It Hurt? One of the biggest advantages of IPL over other forms of hair removal is that it is far less painful. The feeling can be described as a warm sensation on the skin. Key Features: Removes hair re-growth in just a couple of sessions. Works on any body part (including face and brazilian). Completely pain-free. Takes just minutes to use. 1,000's of happy customers worldwide. 12+ year use-life. One time purchase, no refills or recharges required. What's Included: Handset Universal Power Supply User Guide


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